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In these general terms and conditions and on the website https://OLKANE.com (the Website), 


 The present terms and conditions apply to all offers, orders, acquisitions and deliveries of OLKANE products on the Website. The present terms and conditions are accessible to all on the home page https://OLKANE.com. In the event of any discrepancies between the language versions, the French version shall prevail. OLKANE will send the purchaser a copy of these general terms and conditions on request. By ordering OLKANE products on the Website, the purchaser accepts these general conditions. OLKANE is entitled to occasionally modify the present general conditions.


A limited period of validity or conditions of applicability must be explicitly mentioned in the offer. Our offers contain a complete and accurate description of the products offered. OLKANE cannot be held liable for obvious errors or irregularities in its offers. Each offer contains information clearly stating the rights and obligations of the buyer with regard to the acceptance of the offer.


A contract will be concluded, subject to Clause 3 and paragraph 3 of this Clause, between the buyer and OLKANE, as soon as the buyer accepts an offer from OLKANE and all the conditions for accepting the offer have been fulfilled.

After acceptance, OLKANE will immediately acknowledge receipt of the receipt of accepted offers by electronic means, to the e-mail address communicated by the purchaser. It is up to the buyer to communicate a correct e-mail address during the ordering process. The purchaser may terminate the contract as long as acceptance has not been confirmed by OLKANE at the e-mail address communicated by the purchaser.

OLKANE can obtain information - within the legal framework - on the buyer's ability to fulfil his payment obligations, and on the facts and factors necessary for a responsible conclusion of the contract. If this research gives it legitimate reasons for refusing to conclude the contract, OLKANE has the right, duly motivated, to refuse an order or its implementation or to subject its implementation to special conditions.

OLKANE will send the purchaser the following information, at the latest on the delivery date of a product, in writing or in a manner that allows the purchaser to store it on a permanently accessible medium:

  1. the address of OLKANE's establishment to which the purchaser can address complaints;
  2. the conditions under which the purchaser may exercise his right of withdrawal and the method to be used to do so;
  3. information on the guarantees and the existing after-sales service;
  4. the price, including all taxes on the products;
  5. the method of delivery; and
  6. the standard form for the right of withdrawal.


All prices indicated on the Website are inclusive of VAT, in accordance with the applicable legislation. In case of delivery of an order outside the EU, VAT will be deducted at the time of payment. Please note that if an order is shipped to an address outside the EU, the purchaser may be subject to import duties and taxes, which are levied when the goods arrive at the delivery address indicated. The buyer is responsible for the payment of these import duties and taxes. It should be noted that these charges are not the responsibility of OLKANE and that OLKANE cannot predict the amount since they differ from country to country. OLKANE advises the buyer to contact the local tax center for further information.


OLKANE accepts the following secure payment methods:

UK: Credit card, Paypal

US: Credit card, Paypal

FR : Credit Card, Bank Card, UnionPay, PayPal

DE: Sofort Banking, Credit Card, Paypal, UnionPay, GiroPay

NL : iDEAL, Credit Card, AfterPay Invoice, PayPal, UnionPay

BE: Sofort Banking, Credit Card, Paypal, UnionPay, GiroPay

ES: Credit Card, Paypal, UnionPay

PT: Credit Card, Paypal, UnionPay

IT: Credit card, Paypal, UnionPay

PL: dotpay, Credit Card, UnionPay, PayPal

The purchaser will be bound by the general terms and conditions of the payment service provider of his choice with regard to payment. OLKANE has no control over these terms and conditions and cannot be held responsible for their content.


OLKANE offers free shipping for all products and to all countries that can be selected when you indicate the shipping address.

All delivery conditions mentioned (shipping days, delivery time on working days, shipping date, etc.) on the Website must be understood as estimated delivery conditions and not as definitive or guaranteed delivery conditions.

It is up to the purchaser to enter the delivery address correctly; in the event of a problem when sending an order, due to an error in the purchaser's delivery address, OLKANE cannot be held responsible for the (partial) loss of the shipment. If OLKANE needs additional information regarding a delivery address, OLKANE is authorised to contact the buyer to ask for this information. Any request for additional information regarding the delivery address may result in a delay in delivery.

OLKANE will do everything in its power to deliver the order to the delivery address within the agreed delivery time. OLKANE cannot be held responsible for delays in the delivery of an order.

If the delivery is delayed or if it cannot be executed or if only partial execution is possible, the buyer will be informed as soon as reasonably possible after the order has been placed. In this case, the buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract free of charge.

Unless explicitly agreed otherwise, the risk of damage and/or loss of products is borne by OLKANE until the moment of delivery to the address indicated.

If the buyer receives an item that he has not ordered, he must inform OLKANE as soon as possible (within 24 hours of receipt of the order) by e-mail (or via the contact page of the Website). The buyer will be responsible for returning the product at OLKANE's expense, after receiving OLKANE's instructions for the return. OLKANE will then take care of sending the correct product to the buyer, provided that the buyer has fully complied with OLKANE's return instructions.

In the event of delivery to the buyer of a damaged or incomplete item, the buyer must inform OLKANE's customer service team as soon as possible (within 24 hours of receipt of the order) via email to support@olkane.com. OLKANE will then decide how the claim will be handled. If no other solution can be proposed, OLKANE will reimburse the price of the product and delivery costs. The customer must always inform OLKANE in the situation(s) mentioned above and wait for instructions from OLKANE's customer service team. A client who, in such a situation, returns an item at his/her own expense, without first contacting the customer service team or waiting for instructions from the latter, cannot demand reimbursement from OLKANE for the costs incurred (nor hold OLKANE responsible for the return that has taken place without OLKANE's prior consent).

If the order that has been or is being dispatched by OLKANE to the purchaser, is missing, has disappeared or if the purchaser claims not to have received the order (despite tracking data/information from the carrier indicating otherwise), the carrier's claims handling procedure will be launched and it will be necessary to wait for the result of this procedure before any refund or reshipment can take place. The buyer will cooperate unreservedly with the carrier's complaints procedure. If a shipment has disappeared due to an error on the part of the carrier (and after completion of the carrier's claims procedure), OLKANE will refund the purchase to the customer or will try to reship the item ordered.

In case of undelivered shipment to the buyer's delivery address (or collection point) 14 days after the shipment date, the buyer is obliged to inform OLKANE's customer service team by e-mail within 14 days (i.e.: as a last resort 28 days after the shipment date).


Unless otherwise specified, the buyer is entitled to revoke the contract and return the order without giving any reason within 14 days of receipt of the order (please note the exception mentioned above: in the event of a damaged or incomplete item, the buyer is obliged to inform OLKANE's customer service team by e-mail and wait for further instructions).

The purchaser wishing to exercise his/her right of withdrawal must notify OLKANE, during the trial period, using the standard withdrawal form included here and as provided to the purchaser with his/her order, or in any other unequivocal manner.

The return address during the trial period is: 27A, Avenue de Winterberg 1300 Rixensart.

A different return address may apply in the event of a defect or warranty claim. Please always start by contacting our customer service team and wait for further instructions.

Determination of the nature, characteristics and function of a product is permitted during the trial period, just as it could be done in a shop. The buyer is responsible for the depreciation of the products, which is the consequence of a use that goes beyond what is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functioning of said products. In this case, we may deduct this depreciation from the amount to be reimbursed. In order to ensure that the product reaches us safely and in its entirety, we kindly ask you to return it to us, as far as possible, in its original condition and packaging. This also helps us to process your return as quickly as possible.

The purchaser will return the product ordered to OLKANE, at the latest 3 months after the date on which he has notified OLKANE of his wish to revoke the contract, with all accessories (if applicable) and, as far as possible, in its original condition and packaging, in accordance with OLKANE's return instructions (as mentioned on the packing slip).

The purchaser is responsible for the return of his order and bears all risks associated with the return as well as the burden of proof concerning the correct and timely exercise of the right of withdrawal. OLKANE strongly advises the purchaser to return one item per insured consignment and in sealed packaging. In the event of loss or damage to an insured return or if the receipt of a return is refused (for example, if no valid signature can be produced by the carrier), the purchaser then has the possibility of calling the carrier's responsibility into question. The buyer, as the sender of the return, can initiate the complaints procedure for any problems that may arise in connection with the return. The buyer will keep the acknowledgement of receipt (official, digital) of his return, which contains tracking information.

The buyer shall bear the costs of returns made under this clause.

Provided that all the requirements applicable to a withdrawal have been met, OLKANE will credit the purchaser for the amount of the item as soon as reasonably possible and in any event within 14 days of receipt of the return (return costs are not refunded). Any amount due following the return of an item will be credited to the account that the buyer used to pay for the original order.

If the buyer wishes to use his right to revoke the contract or cancel his order, even though the buyer's order has already left OLKANE's warehouse (which will generally take place on working days as soon as the buyer has placed his order) - even if the shipment has not yet arrived at the shipping address indicated by the buyer - the costs of returning the item to OLKANE's warehouse will be borne by the buyer.

If customs taxes, import duties or (administrative) fees are due because the shipment has been imported into the shipping country selected by the buyer (a process that in most cases cannot be stopped once the package is on its way to the shipping country selected by the buyer), these costs will be borne by the buyer. On the date OLKANE credits the purchaser, OLKANE will deduct customs taxes, import duties and/or (administrative) costs, insofar as these amounts have been invoiced to OLKANE (as the sender of the parcel).


The OLKANE warranty policy takes effect automatically on the date of purchase of OLKANE products. OLKANE grants a two (2) year warranty period on its watches and jewellery. Warranties give the purchaser the assurance that the products conform to standards of functionality, reliability and durability.

The warranties do not apply in the event of: theft or loss; damage caused intentionally; damage resulting from inappropriate use, such as scratches, dropping, bouncing; normal wear and tear or aging of the materials used; or damage resulting from negligence.

The warranty on a watch covers the movement and not the other parts, such as the glass or bracelet. Visible signs of wear and tear on the watch should be considered as normal consequences of use. The effects of perspiration on the bracelet differ from person to person depending on the degree of acidity of the skin.

OLKANE watches are "3 ATM Water Resistant": this means that the watch is protected against minor splashes of water. OLKANE "3 ATM Water Resistant" watches cannot be worn in the shower or bath and are not suitable for swimming or diving. OLKANE watches may only be exposed to minor splashes of water; they must not be exposed to chemical substances such as perfume, cosmetics and cleaning products.

The guarantees no longer apply in the event of repair work carried out by a third party or other work carried out on the product without the prior written authorisation of OLKANE.

Shipping costs for a return after a warranty or repair request (for defects that appeared after the use of the item by the buyer) will be borne by the buyer.

In the event of questions concerning returns and the guarantee, the buyer may contact OLKANE's customer service team at any time on the website www.OLKANE.com.


OLKANE complies with the privacy regulations as set out in the "General Data Protection Regulations" (GDPR). The buyer, for example, always has the possibility of consulting, correcting or deleting his personal data by asking to do so by email to support@olkane.com

 OLKANE will save the data entered by the buyer in a file. The data will be used for the purpose of executing the buyer's order and will be stored for as long as necessary to resolve any problems concerning the execution of the order. OLKANE guarantees that all data of a personal nature will be treated with care. The buyer's personal data will not be shared with a third party, except for the purpose of executing the order or repair. OLKANE is authorised to use the buyer's data to send the latter advertising about its products.


The present terms and conditions are governed by Belgian law, on condition, however, that consumers may invoke the mandatory legislation applicable in their own country of residence. All disputes between OLKANE and the buyer will be brought before the competent court in Brussels.


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